How does the department obtain its K-9 dogs?

We received our current dogs from an organization in Alabama. The dogs originated in Europe. The organization in Alabama has highly experienced staff who are specialized in being able to select dogs who would work well as police dogs. They bring them back from Europe to be available to police agencies in the United States.

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1. How does the department obtain its K-9 dogs?
2. What is involved in the selection process of obtaining the dogs? Does the Sheriff's Office get to choose them, or are the dogs assigned to the department?
3. What breed of dogs are selected for police work, and why? What breed are your dogs?
4. What is the age of the dogs that are trained for police work?
5. How did you become a police dog handler?
6. What type of work do the dogs perform for the department?
7. How often do you train the dogs, and where do you do the training?
8. What makes a good police dog?
9. How does your dog know how to react? Do they wait for your command before they do a task?
10. If the dog is looking for narcotics, do you have to worry about them ingesting the narcotics or being harmfully exposed?
11. Can people approach your dogs to pet them?
12. How does the dog act with members of your family or co-workers?
13. Does the dog know when it is working and when it is off duty, or does the dog always feel that it is working?
14. When the dogs are off duty, do they like to be inside or outside?
15. How many years can the dog work for the department?
16. What happens with the dog after it retires from the department?
17. Can you use another hander's police dog, if needed?
18. What challenges do you have working with a dog as your partner?
19. What do you like about working with the dog?
20. What special equipment do you have to accommodate the dog?
21. Are there any laws that protect the police dogs if they are assaulted?