How do I participate in the NEVCAP program?

For inmate custody information, call toll-free the toll-free NEVCAP hotline, 1-800-395-2110 and follow the prompts given by the NEVCAP service. During registration you will be asked to provide a telephone number and select a four-digit PIN code. NEVCAP will quickly provide the caller with inmate status information. For county jail inmates: information on custody status, facility, and what charges have been filed is available. For Department of Correctional Services (DCS) inmates the following is available:

  • Custody status
  • Facility and/or location information
  • Parole status and eligibility date
  • Sentence expiration date

NEVCAP is also available online at the NEVCAP website.


Callers have the option to register for automated telephone notification if there is a change in an inmate’s status in the criminal justice system.

Available in English & Spanish

The Nebraska NEVCAP service is available in English and Spanish. También disponible en español. Cuando llame, selecione la opción en español.

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