Where is the class held?

Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office
8335 Platteview Road
Papillion, NE

Located at the southeast corner of 84th Street and Platteview Road, Papillion.


  1. From 84th Street / Highway 370, travel south on 84th Street (approximately 2 to 3 miles)
  2. Once you reach Platteview Road, do not turn left
  3. 84th Street will begin to curve to the right
  4. On that curve, turn left
  5. Turn left onto the access road leading to the north parking lot
  6. Enter Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office through the north door. The classroom is just inside

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1. Why take the 8-Hour STOP Class?
2. What is the cost of the 8-Hour STOP Class?
3. How do I know if I’m eligible for the 8-Hour STOP Class?
4. What if I have more than one violation or warning on my ticket?
5. What if I was cited for my involvement in an accident?
6. When is the class held?
7. Where is the class held?
8. How do I register?
9. After I complete the class, what happens to my citation?
10. What if there is a weather cancellation?