How do I Register?
  • In-Person:
    Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office
    8335 Platteview Road
    Papillion, NE
  • Online
  • Phone: 402-593-1564
  • Pre-registration is required

Office hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). If registering online or by phone, you will receive an email containing the following details about the class you selected: 

  • Date and time of class
  • Location and local driving directions to the class
  • What to bring to class

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1. Why take the Defensive Driving Course?
2. What is the cost of the Defensive Driving Course?
3. When is the class held?
4. Where is the class held?
5. How do I Register?
6. How does the DMV receive notice that I have taken this class?
7. What if there is a weather cancellation?