How are taxes calculated?

Tax rates are established as a result of a budgetary process. Each governmental agency provides a budget that will cover the cost of maintaining their respective agency for a fiscal year. The budget requirements are totaled and that amount is divided by the total assessed value of property for that subdivision to establish the tax rate. The tax rate is stated as a percentage or amount due for each $100 of assessed value.

The County Assessor is not responsible for establishing the tax rate.

Example of District 10001 (Bellevue) Tax Rate Breakdown

Fund NumberFund DescriptionLevy
1County Levy0.332079
101School District 11.098291
402Bellevue Bond0.189732
501Papio Natural Resource0.032550
801Metro Community Coll0.074000
901Agricultural Society0.002020
1003Ed Service Unit 30.013420
4001Communications Bond0.008440
103Special Building0.085000

Total Levy: 2.075211.

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