What is a Referee Hearing?

The Sarpy County Board of Equalization hires independent appraisers as referees to assist them in examining all protests. The purpose of the Referee Hearing is to allow protest filers to provide additional information relevant to the requested property value. Information will also be provided to the referee by the Sarpy County Assessor.

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1. How does my valuation change?
2. What should I do if I do not agree with the valuation of my property?
3. How do I submit my protest?
4. What is a Referee Hearing?
5. When is my Referee Hearing?
6. Do I have a choice of hearing date or time?
7. Am I required to attend my hearing?
8. What do I need to take to my hearing?
9. What happens after my hearing?
10. When will I receive a decision?
11. What if I disagree with the Board of Equalization's final decision?