What are the different zoning districts?

The zoning districts used in Sarpy County are:

  • AA: Airport Approach Zone District
  • AG: Agricultural Farming District (20 or more acres)
  • AGD: Agricultural Development District (10 or more acres)
  • AGR: Agricultural Residential District (5 or more acres)
  • AP: Airport District
  • BG: General Business District
  • BGH: Heavy General Business District
  • CD: Conservation Overlay District
  • FP: Floodplain District
  • IGM: General Manufacturing District
  • IL: Light Industrial District
  • MU: Mixed Use District
  • PD: Planned Development District
  • PTD: Planned Townhouse Development
  • RD-50: Two Family Residential District
  • RE1: Residential Estates (1 or more acres)
  • RE2: Residential Estates (2 or more acres)
  • RG-15: General Residential District
  • RG-35: General Residential District
  • RMH: Manufactured Home Residential District
  • RS-72: Single Family Residential District
  • RS-100: Single Family Residential District

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