When are permits needed?

Permits are needed for:

  • Accessory structures, e.g.:
    • Decks
    • Fences
    • Garages / detached garages
    • Pole barns
    • Re-roofs
    • Sheds
    • Siding
    • Swimming pools
  • Any commercial building, commercial addition or alteration
  • Any finished area inside the home that was not finished as part of the original building permit, e.g.: finished basement or and remodel work other than painting and flooring)
  • Dwelling
  • Grading Permit - when disturbing more than 1 acre
  • Floodplain Development Permit - when doing any work in the floodplain (see map) including grading 
  • When subject property does not allow a use as a Principal Use (see Zoning Regulations) but does allow it as a Special Permitted Use

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1. When are permits needed?
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