I lost my stickers. What do I do?

We can mail a new set or you can come in and pick them up after we verify the currency of your registration.

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1. I bought a vehicle what do I need to bring?
2. I just moved to Nebraska, what do I need to do about my vehicles/drivers' license?
3. I am a Nebraska resident. I want to renew my car license plates. What documents do you need to see?
4. I am moving. What do I need to do? This includes out of state as well as within Nebraska.
5. Where do we obtain "In Transit" stickers or signs?
6. I'm selling a vehicle, how do I sign off on the title?
7. I lost my renewal card, do I need it?
8. I am moving to Sarpy County from another Nebraska county. What do I need to do?
9. I lost my registration and/or plates. How do I replace them?
10. I lost my stickers. What do I do?
11. I just separated/retired from the military. How long do I have before I register as a resident?
12. I'm military. Why do I have to show my LES?