I am moving. What do I need to do? This includes out of state as well as within Nebraska.

If you are arriving from out of state, take your vehicle and title to Vehicle Inspections for VIN inspection. The fee is $10. If you have a lien on the car (e.g. bank has a title), you will need to request the title from your lienholder before you can go any further. Go to our forms section to fill out our form and request your title, Customer Request for out of state title. They will send the title to us and we will send you a postcard informing you that it has arrived and to bring in your vehicle for inspection. After the vehicle has been inspected you can proceed to the Treasurer’s Office for titling and registration. If you already have the title go to the County Treasurer’s office (window 1) where you will obtain a new title. The car will then be assessed and you will receive your plates/registration from the Treasurer’s office. A more comprehensive and detailed list for new residents and people who moved can be viewed at I just moved, find more information on what you need to do (PDF).

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4. I am moving. What do I need to do? This includes out of state as well as within Nebraska.
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