How do I contest my valuation?

The assessor’s office would like to talk with you about your valuation! Your preliminary value is published on the website January 15th each year. Just call 402-593-2122, or stop by the office, or Ask the Assessor and have an appraiser explain to you how your value was determined. It’s an informal process during this period, generally, we do not require appointments. This gives the appraiser the chance to correct possible errors and answer your valuation-related questions.

The assessor will notify you officially by mail, on or before June 1st, if your valuation has increased or decreased from the previous year. The month of June is the period of time when formal valuation protests may be filed in writing with the Sarpy County Board of Equalization. The assessor’s office will still hold informal discussions regarding your property valuation during this period, just contact us please.

The Department of Revenue Property Assessment Division has a guide available to help you understand the process: Real Property Valuation Protest Information Guide (PDF).

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