Campaign Signs

Political signs are one of the most visible aspects of a campaign. The following information is provided as a reference only. The Sarpy County Election Commission is not the official record keeper, nor does it manage the content of any of the external resources linked below. If a website or local ordinance changes, the Election Commission is not always immediately notified. Please contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content. 

Last Updated Wednesday, April 26, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

On Election Day, no electioneering or gathering petition signatures is allowed within 200 feet of any portion of the building which is being used as a polling place. Some examples of electioneering includes:

  • Posting signs that display a ballot measure's number, title, or subject matter or a candidate's name, likeness, logo or symbol 
  • Disbursing literature that draws reference to a candidate, officeholder, or ballot measure  
  • A button, hat, pencil, pen, shirt, sign, or sticker containing a candidate's name, likeness, logo or symbol  

A person may display yard signs on private property within 200 feet of a polling place or building designated for voters to cast ballots if the property is not under common ownership with the property on which the polling place or building is located.  

To report electioneering violations at polling places on Election Day, contact the Sarpy County Election Commission at 402-593-2167.