Property Fraud Alert!

We have received several phone calls regarding citizens worried about protecting their property from mortgage fraud. Several people have mentioned they saw an advertisement that a certain company would protect their property from mortgage fraud for a monthly fee. We have done some research and have had a discussion with our county attorney in regard to these concerns. Mortgage fraud is committed when the lender, Title Company, and the Title Company’s attorney are all involved in the process, or when someone steals you and/or your spouse’s identity and can obtain an I.D. with your name, address, etc.

 When taking out a mortgage, there is an extensive title search done on your property as well as against your name. Not only are title searches performed, but an extensive credit check is performed and an underwriter from the Title Insurance Company must take into consideration everything they have found in the credit check and property search report, to decide if you are eligible to borrow money against your property. The underwriter then also has their attorney review the details in terms of the loan. Also, several documents must be signed in order to give an individual permission to run such inquiries and I.D.’s have to be presented during the closing process. Again, as previously mentioned, someone would have to steal your identity and have been able to obtain an I.D. with your name & address, as well obtain your Social Security Number, or you were brought into a fraudulent lending agency, whose broker, title agents, and attorneys were all involved in the mortgage fraud process.

 If you are concerned that someone could steal your identity, there are several options available for identity theft protection. These should alert you anytime a credit inquiry is made tied to your name and/or Social Security Number.  

 Here at the Register of Deeds, when a mortgage or deed is filed, the homeowner must sign the document and it must be notarized. We file the documents presented to us as they meet statutory guidelines. At this time, the County is unable to provide consumer notification when documents are filed regarding a specific address are recorded.  However, our records are open to the public and are free to search at your own will and leisure. If you visit our website:, you will be able to see what is recorded against your property and the date it was filed.

Note: A Consumer Notification System is in the planning phase, we don't have a definite date at the moment, but we will add this to our website and provide notice via Social Media as soon as we have this up and running. We appreciate your patience!


Please note that the Sarpy County Register of Deeds office,  doesn't send out mailing notices to sell services , such as home warranty coverage or any other misc. services. . Please be diligent when receiving these types of notice. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach our office, before responding to any possible fraudulent notices.