Trio the Facility Dog

Trio and Jean Brazda

Hi! I'm Trio, and this is Jean, my handler. I work at the Sarpy County Courthouse helping create a sense of calm. I received my training from Canine Companions


If you happen to see me and Jean, remember I am a working fellow so please follow these rules when we meet.

  1. Ask Jean's permission first if you want to touch or pet me! I know its hard not to pet me because I'm so lovable.
  2. Never feed or offer me food! This is for reasons of health and safety cuz I can be a regular chow hound.
  3. Always speak to Jean first, not to me. I'm a working dog and don't need extra distractions.
  4. Do not whistle or make sounds or noises! I work hard and don't need distractions.
  5. Don't be afraid of me! I am a kind helper who loves people!

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