Crime Prevention for Business

Commercial Burglary Prevention

Businesses can reduce their vulnerability by following these tips for Commercial Burglary Prevention.

Commercial Robbery Prevention

Operating a business may include a threat of armed robbery. Click here for information on Commercial Robbery Prevention.

Shoplifting Prevention for Business

No matter the size of the retailer, they are at risk of shoplifting. Follow these prevention tips for Shoplifting Prevention for Business.

Counterfeit Currency

Business can guard against the threat of receiving counterfeit money by knowing signs of Counterfeit Currency and Knowing Your Money

Business Watch

Businesses can create partnerships between neighboring businesses, law enforcement and other organizations to take control of what happens in the business community and lessen chances of being a victim of crime, which is outlined in this brochure Business Watch.

Construction Site Theft Prevention

Stolen equipment causes a financial burden for construction companies and slows progress. For information on preventing construction site thefts, click on Construction Site Theft Prevention