Volunteer Opportunities

The Sarpy County Emergency Management Agency (SCEMA) utilizes volunteers before, during, and after emergencies and disasters. Volunteers must be at least 19 years old and meet all training and licensure requirements (there are no training and licensure requirements for siren monitors).

Prospective volunteers working toward the completion of training and licensure requirements are invited to participate in meetings and other activities. Currently, SCEMA is seeking additional volunteers for the following positions:

Siren Monitor

Siren monitors ensure the outdoor warning sirens in their neighborhood are fully functional by assessing them during the monthly test. Siren tests are conducted on the first Saturday of the month at 10 am from March through October.

The time you will have to commit to complete this important task will be minimal (likely less than thirty minutes per test/month). As a siren monitor we appreciate your consistent participation in routine tests but understand that other personal activities may take precedence from time to time.

For more information, or to sign up, contact Jesse Eret.

Auxiliary Communications (AUXCOMM) Volunteer

AUXCOMM volunteers provides auxiliary communications for SCEMA, the Sarpy County Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and affiliated agencies and organizations. The AUXCOMM Team also serves as the county's certified storm spotter group. Activities (meetings, trainings, exercises, and/or events) are typically held on a monthly basis (at a minimum).

For more information please access and review the volunteer guidelines. Please contact Jesse Eret if you are interested in becoming an AUXCOMM volunteer.

Additional Opportunities

Additional volunteer opportunities are available through the Tri-County Citizen Corps.

Volunteer Guidelines