Program Services

The most important service provided by our victim advocates is continued support for the victim and family throughout their involvement with the criminal justice system.

Additional services which may be provided by our victim advocates include:

  • Personal Advocacy: act on behalf of the victim and witnesses to ensure that they receive appropriate handling by the criminal justice system. Serves as a Liaison between victims of crimes, witnesses, and the criminal justice system.
  • Referral: recommend and/or obtain other sources of assistance not specifically provided by the Victim/Witness Program.
  • Restitution and Reparation: work with probation authorities and prosecutors to collect restitution and help fill out application forms for reparation so victims may receive compensation from the state Crime Victims Reparations Board.
  • Court Orientation: provide information on the criminal justice system and the victims' and/or witnesses' responsibilities in court.
  • Transportation: if needed, transport victims and witnesses to and from court.
  • Escorting: accompany witnesses and victims to the courtroom and sit with them during court proceedings if requested, giving information on what is going on during the hearings.
  • Follow-up Support: provide follow-up support services to victims of crimes and their families and to make sure that each victim is aware of the state in the criminal justice system their case is in.
  • Victim/Witness Notification: notify victims and witnesses regarding their subpoena to determine if those individuals will be coming to court.
  • Protection Order Assistance: assist Sarpy County residents with obtaining a Domestic or a Harassment Protection Order.
    • Protection Orders: for information and forms for Domestic Abuse and Harassment Protection Orders visit the NE Supreme Court website; you can also download some of the Protection Order forms on this page. After you have filled out the protection order you will turn it in to the Clerk of the District Court in the Hall of Justice.