Adult Diversion

Sarpy County Adult Diversion is a voluntary pre-trial program offered by the Sarpy County Attorney's Office as an alternative to the formal court process. All cases are referred to Diversion through the County Attorney's Office. Those who complete Diversion successfully will not have a conviction appearing on their record.

Sarpy County Diversion was founded on the commitment to assist people in preventing continued or repeated criminal behaviors. The Sarpy County Diversion Program works to provide adults a full continuum of services in an effort to discourage people from further involvement in Justice System. The foundation of Sarpy County Diversion is based on the premise that not all cases are best served through the formal Court Process and each individual is responsible for their actions. As Sarpy County Diversion is an individualized program we utilize several educational components as well as accountability requirements.


Entry in Sarpy County's Diversion Program does not excuse anyone from appearing in court as scheduled. All people participating in Sarpy County Diversion and/or legal representatives (attorneys) must appear for all court hearings until such time as their case is dismissed. Failure to attend a scheduled court hearing will result in a warrant for their arrest. Failure to appear will also result in the forfeiting of bond money to the courts. Those that are involved in the court process and get a response from the Judge stating their case has been dismissed still have the responsibility to complete their Diversion Program as contracted.

A Diversion Program generally is six months in duration. Common types of cases are first time DUIs, MIP, Possession of Marijuana under an ounce, Possession of Paraphernalia, and Shoplifting.

Program Completion

After successfully completing a Diversion Program, a completion letter will be mailed to the client. A copy of the completion letter can be obtained, if available, by the client at the Diversion Office. A photo ID and five dollars will be required.

In order to get a driver's license back, reinstatement requirements in the state of Nebraska or of the issuing state may have to be completed. For more information concerning the return of a driver's license, call the Department of Motor Vehicles in Lincoln, Nebraska at 402-471-2281.