Reaching Us

Office Hours

Sarpy County Child Support Services maintains daily office hours of 8:30 am until 4:45 pm (Central time). Our office switchboard opens at 8 am. Our phone number is 402-593-2333.

Contacting Us

The preferred method of contacting our office is in writing, either by U.S. Mail or Email. These methods ensure that a hard copy of the nature of your correspondence is maintained in your file. 

Less complicated matters may be resolved by a telephone call (see telephone policy note).

Telephone Policy

Note: The State of Nebraska has begun use of a centralized Child Support Call Center for customers of Nebraska child support offices - including ours. The toll free phone number is 877-631-9973. The number is operational during normal business hours and on all weekdays except federal holidays. To speed processing of your request, please make use of this phone number unless you have been otherwise instructed by our office.

Case Time Frames

Files are opened in the order in which applications for our services are submitted to this office. Cases are considered submitted once a completed application is received back in the office. Presently our office is able to begin working cases according to the following timeline:

Type of Case (Until File is Processed)
Days from Submission
AFDC Paternity
30 to 60
Enforcement of Existing Support Order
30 to 60
Non-AFDC Paternity
30 to 60