Manny the Facility Dog

Manny and his handler JeanHi! I'm Manny, and this is Jean, my handler. I work at the Sarpy County Courthouse helping create a sense of calmness. I received my training from Canine Companions for Independence. On my web page you can find out more about me, my training, and there are even some fun games.


If you happen to see me and Jean, remember I am a working fellow so please follow these rules when we meet.

  1. Ask Jean's permission first if you want to touch or pet me! Look - I know its hard not to pet me 'cuz I'm so lovable
  2. Never feed or offer me food! This is for reasons of health and safety cuz I can be a regular chow hound.
  3. Always speak to Jean first, not to me. I'm a working dog and don't need extra distractions.
  4. Do not whistle or make sounds or noises! I work hard and don't need distractions.
  5. Don't be afraid of me! - I am a kind helper who loves people!

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