Rate Schedule

Scale Rates

Municipal solid waste$31.17 per ton$39.91 per ton
No scale available$7.79 per cubic yard$9.98 per cubic yard

  • Scale rates apply to garbage trucks, long haul transfer trailers, stake beds, rolloff trucks and trailers, demolition tractor trailer, dump trucks, double/triple axle trailers and 5th wheel trailers
  • If scales are inoperable, all waste will be measured by cubic yard and charged under No Scale Available rates.
  • All scaled loads will be charged for a minimum of 1,000 pounds.
    Concrete will only be accepted if broken down into no larger than 2-foot dimensions.
  • Nebraska law requires all loads being transported to be covered. (1993, LB 575 Section 28-39-6.129). All commercial trucks arriving at the gatekeeper's window without a tarp covering their open top loads will be charged a $50 fee, approved by the Sarpy County Board of Commissioners by Resolution. This rule is strictly enforced. This applies to pickups, trailers, commercial and non-commercial trucks.

Non-Scale Rates


Vehicle TypeTarp CoveredNo Tarp
Pickup Trucks/Vans/SUVs$20$35
Single-Axel Pulled Trailer (Auto/Pickup Truck)$20$35


Vehicle TypeTarp CoveredNo Tarp
Pickup Trucks/Vans/SUVs$30$45
Single-Axel Pulled Trailer (Auto/Pickup Truck)$30$45

Additional Rates

All major appliances$5 each$10 each
Air conditioning units$25 each$35 each
Tires - passenger vehicles$5 each$10 each
Tires - trucks and farm vehicles$10 each$20 each
Tires - heavy equipmentNot acceptedNot accepted
Trailers, Campers and Boats (Tires and rims must be removed at Transfer Station)Scale ratesScale rates
Clean out fee$30$30

Additional rates will be assessed for unusual loads and the decision of the gatekeeper and environmental services manager will be final. No refunds.