Content Manager (TRIM)

Content Manager is an Electronic Document and Records Management System designed to assist agencies in managing records throughout their lifecycle. The system applies retention and preservation requirements to content, applies security and access controls to content, allows for automation and collaboration, eases content searches and document retrieval, and allows for record tracking.

Record Lifecycle

Why Should You Use TRIM?

  • TRIM is a SAFE and secure environment for records that includes audit trails, security, access controls, user specific permissions, etc.
  • Allows users to share information easily
  • Successfully manage records throughout their entire lifecycle
  • Serves as one central location for Records
  • Incorporates Retention Schedules
  • Spend less time searching for records
  • And so much more

New Users

Not using TRIM but want to? Contact the Records Management department and complete the New User Request Form (DOC).

Coming Soon

  • Complete User Guide
  • Editing Records in TRIM
  • Video Tutorials

TRIM Basics