The Purchasing Department is responsible for administering purchasing policies, programs and procedures for the acquisition of materials, equipment, supplies, services and construction projects for County Government. We are also responsible for the disposal of surplus property.

Specifications may be obtained for bids through our office or on the website for projects advertised by the County.

Electronic Bidding Notification

Electronic bidding (eBid) is now live for Sarpy County vendors. Vendors interested in doing business with Sarpy County should register on the Sarpy County eBid website. Registration will allow vendors to be automatically notified when projects are bidding in all Sarpy County departments.

If you have any questions, please contact Beth Garber.

Purchasing Thresholds

Purchasing thresholds are set by Nebraska State Statutes, collectively known as the County Purchasing Act. 

Competitive Bids

Cumulative County purchases over $50,000 require sealed bids. The Purchasing Department manages this process.

Informal Quotes

Purchases between $10,000 - $50,000 require the requesting department to seek 3 informal quotes. Quotes must be on file with the Purchasing Department before the purchase is approved.

Open Market

Purchases under $10,000 can be made in the open market.


Purchases are exempt from competitive bidding if one of the following criteria are met:

  1. Unique or non-competitive items
  2. Petroleum products
  3. Professional services. 
  4. Equipment maintenance 
  5. When the price has been set by a cooperative agreement, Federal General Services Administration or the State Materiel Division 
  6. Election contract services or election ballots


  • Services: Telephone, telegraph, postal, and electric light and power service and other similar services
  • Professional services: A profession that requires a college degree, licensing and subject to an ethical code enforced by a disciplinary system. Professions included in this definition would be doctors, architects, engineers, accountants.

Tax Certificates & Credit Applications

Sarpy County is exempt from any sales tax imposed by the State and Federal Government. A Tax Exemption Certificate will be provided upon the request of a supplier doing business with the County. The County does not have a tax exempt number.

Credit applications will be reviewed and approved by the Purchasing Agent on a case by case basis.