Transfer on Death (TOD) Beneficiary Designation

A Transfer on Death (TOD) beneficiary is a simple way to transfer ownership of a vehicle after the titled owner has died. By naming a TOD beneficiary on your title application, you can avoid the need for the vehicle to go through probate upon your death. The TOD beneficiary is named on the face of the title. Multiple TODs can exist on one vehicle in which case they would all be joint owners upon death. Contact a qualified estate planning attorney for more detailed information.

If you choose to assign a different TOD beneficiary at a later date or delete the TOD entirely, you may do so by completing a new title application and submitting it with the previous title to the county treasurer. There is no ownership benefit for the TOD beneficiary until the titled owner(s) have died. The TOD beneficiary has no claim or rights to the vehicle as long as any of the titled owners are still alive.