Titles From Out of State

Motor vehicles, motorboats, ATVs and minibikes coming into Nebraska from another state are required to obtain a Nebraska Certificate of Title unless they fall into the category of Motor Vehicles Exempt from Titling. To obtain a Nebraska title, the following properly assigned documentation must be surrendered to the County where the vehicle has tax situs (where you reside):

  • Application for Certificate of Title (PDF)
  • Certificate of Title from vehicle's previous state of title. Note: if the previous state was NOT a title-issuing state, you will need the vehicle(s) last registration and if ownership is transferring, a notarized Bill of Sale
  • A copy of Security Agreement if previous state's title indicates an open lien
  • Sheriff's Inspection: Located in the Southeast corner of the courthouse administrative wing. Hours of Operation are 8 am to 4:45, Monday through Friday, and 8 am to 6 on Wednesday. You must arrive at least ten minutes before closing or you may not get your vehicle inspected. The fee is $10 cash or check.

Securing the Title

If the ownership of the vehicle is not changing, but the owners are relocating to Nebraska, and the lienholder is securing the title, the following must be completed prior to registering your vehicle in Sarpy County: 

The fee for a Certificate of Title is $10, if there is an open lien the fee is $17.


To register the vehicle, you will need proof of insurance and prior registration from the previous state. If the previous registration is not available, a receipt showing proof of payment for the sales tax is required. The non-resident military should view military requirements on the main DMV page. In order to register your out-of-state titled vehicle, we need to have your previous state's title. If there was a lien on the vehicle, the lender usually holds the title and you need to have the title sent here from the lien holder. You need to request the title from your lender and have it sent directly to us. Access the Out of State Request for Title (PDF), fill out the form, print it, and mail it to your lender. Make sure to send us a copy via the link on our web page. The lienholder will send your current out-of-state title to our office. If you have a leased vehicle we will need the title from your leasing company. View the Request for Title on a Leased Vehicle (PDF), fill out the form and send it to your leasing company and send us a copy also. Upon receipt of the out-of-state title, we will notify the customer of the Nebraska state inspection requirements. When the inspection is completed, an electronic Nebraska title with your current lien holder's information will be stored electronically.

According to State of Nebraska Statutes Section 60-366, you must register your vehicle in this county after 30 days of residence in this state.