Medical Indigent Program

The Sarpy County Medical Indigent Program provides medical assistance to those persons residing in Sarpy County who are considered to be medically destitute. The program's purpose is to assist eligible persons who have been hospitalized for a life threatening or life trauma situation.

Applications & Eligibility

Persons applying for this program must have their physician and/or the medical facility contact the Sarpy County Human Service Office within 24 hours of the medical emergency or the next working day if it occurs on a weekend or holiday.

Eligible persons must reside in Sarpy County and are not receiving any other governmental health care benefits such as Medicare, Medicaid, and/or Veterans Health Care. Eligibility is based on income and resources and follows current Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Generic Prescription Medications

The Sarpy County Medical Indigent Program also assists with the cost of generic prescribed medications depending on income and resources.

Items Not Provided

This program does not provide eye, dental, prosthesis service or other medical devices, or outpatient doctor costs.