Transfer of Ownership - Sale

To transfer ownership of a motor vehicle or boat, all names that appear on the Nebraska Certificate of Title must sign off in the seller's section of the title and the date of sale must be recorded. If there are any open liens, they must be released by the lienholder and the County Treasurer on the face of the title prior to the reassignment of the title to the new owner. When transferring ownership on a Nebraska Certificate of Title, husband, and wife, cannot sign as agent for the other.

Buyer / Seller Responsibilities

The seller is also responsible for completing the Odometer Certification section of the title.

The buyer's name, address, and signature(s) must appear in the purchaser's section of the title. This must be done at the time of purchase. If the seller has signed off on a title and the purchaser's information is not completed the title is considered open and may be confiscated.

With most Nebraska Certificates of Title, the seller, purchaser, and odometer sections will appear in the lower half on the face of the title. On some older titles, these sections will appear on the back.

New Title Application

Application for a new title may be made on the backside of the Nebraska Certificate of Title.

Bill of Sale

Sellers and buyers are encouraged to complete a notarized DMV Bill of Sale (PDF) with each party keeping a copy. It protects the seller, in particular, and helps ensure the validity of the transaction.