Lien Releases

For titles issued with liens prior to November 1, 2010, the lienholder should note the cancellation of the lien on the face of the actual title over their signature and the date of cancellation. The Certificate of Title should then be forwarded to any county treasurer who notes the cancellation on the face of the title and records it on the computer record.

Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title

If an Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title (PDF) is necessary and the original title contained an open lien that has been satisfied, a dated, signed, and notarized release from the lienholder on their business letterhead can be accepted in lieu of a signature on the face of the title. There is a $14 fee for issuing a duplicate title.

Electronic Titles

For electronic titles issued after October 31, 2010, the lien holder who does not participate in the State of Nebraska electronic lien and titling program should fill out a notarized ELT Non-Participating Lender Lien Release and submit it to any Nebraska County Treasurer for release and production of an actual title. Lienholders who participate in the program, release their liens electronically and the Nebraska DMV produces the actual Certificate of Title and mails it per the lienholder's request. Normally directly to the vehicle owner.


There is no fee for lien releases/cancellation.