Lien Notations

To note a lien, the following documentation must be presented:

  • Certificate of Title or the Manufacturer's Statement of Origin, properly assigned to the new owner if the vehicle is a new purchase, and a completed Application for Certificate of Title (PDF).
  • Certificate of Title for a vehicle if the title already exists in the name of the debtor(s).
  • A copy of the lien instrument. The lien instrument can be in the form of a security agreement, conditional sales contract, or trust receipt. It must list the debtor's name and address, a specific description of the vehicle (VIN, year, make, and model), and the lien holder's name and address.

Certificate of Title

Prior to November 1, 2010, after the lien was properly noted, the Certificate of Title was forwarded to the lienholder for retention until the lien has been satisfied. All names listed as titled owners of the vehicle may appear on the lien instrument, but only one title owner is required to be listed. The instrument must contain the signatures of those listed.

After October 31, 2010, once the lien is properly noted the Certificate of Title is stored electronically in the State of Nebraska system until the lien has been satisfied.


The fee for a lien notation is $7.