Human Services


Eligible clients may be entitled to receive the following services:

  • Client referrals to other community resources
  • Cremation assistance
  • Emergency food assistance (works with local food pantries)
  • Holiday Assistance (applications taken in November each year)
  • Non-food voucher (household supplies and personal care items)
  • School supplies (families and teachers in the community)
  • Shelter (rent and utilities)

Statutory Requirement & Program Description

Chapter 68 of the Nebraska Statutes requires counties to provide for the poor of the county who are not eligible for any other governmental assistance and do not have a parent, stepparent, or spouse responsible for their support. These statutory requirements are the basis for the programs administered by the Department of General Assistance, which are considered to be "programs of last resort." A description of each program can be obtained by reviewing the subpages in this section of the website.