How to Request Public Records

Records requests are to be sent to the department which is in charge of the desired records. If you know what department has the record your requesting please go to "Departments" and choose the correct place for your request and send an email request from there.

However, if you are not sure which department is in charge of the desired records, you may send the request to the County Clerk's office, which will then forward it to the appropriate department. Once the appropriate department has the request, they will contact you about your request and inform you of any fee involved and finalize your request.

Pursuant to Nebraska Law, written requests for information or photocopies are processed within four business days. If a request is extensive or difficult to process within four business days, the County Clerk will provide you with a written explanation, a good faith estimated completion date, and an estimated charge for requested records. You will then have an opportunity to modify or prioritize your request.


Sarpy County can charge a fee for records requested. The County Clerk policy provides that cost for public records are billed for clerical time at $15 per hour billed to the one-half hour. The cost for copies is currently $0.25 per page. The County may require a deposit before the request is fulfilled if the amount of the request exceeds $50.