A Certificate of Title is required for all types of vehicles driven or moved on the highways and roads of the State of Nebraska unless the vehicle falls under the specific category of Motor Vehicles Exempt from Titling. The Certificate of Title serves as proof of ownership and only one title per vehicle may be issued and in existence at any one time.

Vehicle Transfer

Upon transfer of a vehicle, all owners listed on the Certificate of Title must sign their name(s) exactly as it appears on the face of the title. Would you like to see an example? Title example for individuals (PDF) In the case of a business, an authorized representative of the company must sign off in the company name, as well as, their name as a said representative of the company. Would you like to see an example? Title example for a business (PDF) doing business as (DBA) name on the title does not require a signature upon sale.

The buyer's name(s) and signature(s) must also be completed at this time as well as the mileage on the vehicle. Failure to do so is in violation of the law.

Bill of Sale

We also recommend completing a DMV Bill of Sale (PDF) and have both parties complete and sign the document with the seller retaining a copy of the bill of sale as evidence of the sale. In addition, we require the buyer to provide a signed bill of sale when registering the vehicle. A signed Nebraska sales and use tax form 6 can be used instead of a bill of sale.

Certificate of Title

To obtain a Certificate of Title, you must be a resident of Sarpy County and submit a completed Application for Certificate of Title (PDF) signed by all parties whose names are to appear on the title. The only exception to this are titles held by husband and wife, in which case either one, acting as an agent for the other, may sign the application.

The fee for a Certificate of Title is $10 or $17 if there is a lien being noted.