Annual Renewal of Vehicle

Motor Vehicle Renewals Only

Renewal and refund window. Bring proof of insurance, your old registration, and the renewal letter you were mailed. Proof of insurance is the one thing we must have. We do not need your renewal notice or your registration to renew your car, it's just easier on both of us. Did you know most people can now register online for a nominal fee? 

If you are a business with a large number of vehicles (generally exceeding 20), you may be asked to leave your transactions, depending on the time of day or month. That we can process your registrations and continue to wait on the public in a timely manner. If you call ahead we can arrange a convenient time that will allow us to process your work as you wait. Please call 402-593-2152) to arrange an appointment. Of course, your work can also be done by mail if that is more convenient.


Previous Nebraska registration, go to the renewal and refund window; from out of state, see "registering a newly purchased vehicle" above. Procedures are the same. There is no sales tax if previously properly registered in another state.

Active Duty, Non-Resident Military Personnel Stationed in Nebraska

An active-duty military servicemember, stationed in Nebraska, with a state of residency other than Nebraska, does not pay personal property tax on vehicles registered in Nebraska. Plates/registration fees are generally $30.25 for a car, $33.25 for a truck. There is no motor vehicle tax on owned or leased vehicles. However, (if this is a new purchase) you will be required to pay sales tax as part of the registration process. You are not exempt from any fees nor sales tax. (Note: Keep your copy of the sales tax form. You may need it at your next assignment.)

Active Duty non-resident military personnel and/or spouses must produce a current end of month Leave and Earnings Statement (within the last two months) and the military ID card of the member or the dependent ID card of their spouse, to claim non-resident status. Your LES must reflect a state of residence other than Nebraska (NE). If these documents are not available we will accept a letter, on letterhead paper, from your commander, the base JAG, or the finance office attesting to your state of legal residence.

If you are moving from another state we will need your old registration. You do not have to get a Nebraska title.

If the vehicle is coming from overseas without a stateside issued title, you must get a Nebraska title issued first. If the vehicle has a stateside title you do not need to get it retitled in Nebraska unless required by your lender. If the vehicle was registered overseas and all foreign fees and taxes were paid at the time of registration you may not have to pay sales tax here, if appropriate documentation is provided. Please refer to this link to review the documents you must provide Imported Vehicles from Outside the U.S.

New York Residents - Military Personnel

If you purchase and register a vehicle in Nebraska and then return to New York with that vehicle they will charge you sales tax in addition to what you paid here. This applies if you are stationed there or returning to New York after military service. Therefore check with New York DMV prior to registering your purchased vehicle.

Commercial Vehicles

Every commercial motor vehicle used in interstate commerce needs a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number. 

Registration Weight on Commercial Vehicles

The registration fee for commercial trucks is based upon the gross weight. The gross weight (tonnage) is the sum of the empty weight of the trucks and any commercial trailer plus the weight of the maximum load to be carried at any time. So the truck, trailer, and load added together determines your registration weight. Round up to the next highest tonnage.

All applicants for registration of vehicles with a declared gross vehicle weight of 55,000 pounds (28 tons) or more must present proof of payment of Federal Heavy Vehicles Use Tax to the IRS.

Heavy Vehicle Tax

Alternative Fuels

Every person registering a motor vehicle designed or modified to be propelled in whole by alternative fuel shall obtain from the department an annual alternative fuel user permit for each motor vehicle propelled by alternative fuel. A person shall obtain all required alternative fuel user permits within thirty days of becoming an alternative fuel user. This permit is present $75 per year.

Alternative fuel shall include electricity, solar power, and any other source of energy not otherwise taxed under the motor fuel laws which is used to power a motor vehicle. The term shall not include motor vehicle fuel as defined in Nebraska statutes section 66-482, diesel fuel as defined in section 66-482, or compressed fuel as defined in section 66-6,100.

Anyone using a total alternative fuel driven vehicle should contact the Nebraska Department of Revenue, Motor Fuel Tax Section at 402-471-5730.

Utility Vehicles / Slow Speed Vehicles / Golf Carts / ATV

In the last few years, laws have changed on the operation and use of various vehicles. Different rules apply to each type of vehicle. A handout that discusses the different vehicles and their use may be viewed at vehicles, ATVs, slow speed vehicles, golf carts (PDF). Please note that a utility vehicle is not a slow speed vehicle.

You may also view the Nebraska DMV web page which discusses the various types of vehicles at Nebraska DMV Information.