Registering a Leased Vehicle

Leased Car Information

Leased vehicles domiciled in Nebraska must be registered and titled in Nebraska. Non-resident Military personnel stationed and living in Nebraska should refer to the military registration section below. Sales tax on leased vehicles is usually part of the monthly lease payments and is rarely paid at the time of registration. Normal registration fees at the Treasurer's office include plates/registration and assessed property tax. If you buy out your lease (purchase the car) you are required to pay sales tax on the purchased price and reregister your car in your name, without the leasing company on the title and registration. If you fail to pay the sales tax within 30 days of buyout you will incur significant penalties at the time of proper registration.

Estimate the Taxes Due on a Vehicle

The State of Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles has a website that will give you an estimate of what you owe on a new purchase or on renewal. You will need the VIN (vehicle identification number) of the vehicle to use this system. You may also obtain a renewal quote by following the instructions on the screen. It will add in a late fee which can be ignored if you already have alpha-numeric plates. Please visit their website at DMV Nebraska online vehicle tax estimator. If you do not have the VIN number or do not wish to use the site you may call us at 402-593-2143.