Boat Registration

Effective January 1, 1997, most motorboats must be titled prior to registration or renewal. Boats that are 1972 or older do not require a title, go straight to window 2 to register. Military members registering a boat in Nebraska must also obtain a Nebraska title prior to registering any boat newer than 1972. If you have purchased a used boat from a state that does not require a title please make sure you have sufficient proof of ownership.

Boat Title

Boat titling (if needed) can be accomplished at the County Treasurer's Office Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:45 pm. If you have a boat without a hull number or with a hull number that is not 12 digits long, there may be a delay in the issuance of your title. For title questions, please contact the County Treasurer's office at 402-593-2108.


After your title is completed, registration can be also be completed. Boat registrations are valid for a maximum of three years and always expire on December 31 of a given year. Please verify the year of expiration since it can vary depending on the month of issue. If you have any registration questions, please call 402-593-2152.

New Owners

Nebraska state and local sales or use taxes must be paid prior to registration.

Boat Renewal

Boat registration renewal can be done in any county. It does not have to be done in the county of residence or where the boat is stored. If you arrive at another county without your boat number and/or your previous registration the other county may have some difficulty finding your boat. In addition, the trailer does have to be done in the county where the trailer is stored so it may be more convenient to do them both at once.

Boat Renewal Online at Nebraska Game & Parks

You can also renew your boat registration online at Nebraska Games and Parks. Their link is under licenses and fees or uses their boating button. While you are there you can also obtain a fishing permit and book your next outing.

For information on recreational boater services see the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary website.